Season Twelve

We are the Tri-States most desired getaway, a place for all Men of all backgrounds, sizes and age (21 and over). In 2017, Freedom Valley was voted the Second Best Gay Campground in North America by a recent South Florida Gay News survey. In 2018 Freedom Valley was voted the Best Gay Campground in three of the seven categories -- Appearance, Amenities and Community. Beautifully landscaped and friendly greetings wherever you go. Freedom Valley is a summer family that has been created by our Seasonals and guests who take pride in us and welcome all who visit. More than a campground, we are a proud, friendly community. Come for a day at the private pool or one of our many themed weekends. Check out our event schedule and amenities page for more info. Each year we add amenities or make improvements, come see what’s new this year at camp!! -- Jeff & Michael

— Jeff & Michael

During 2017 Freedom Valley Campground was voted the second best gay gampground out of 150 in North America!  In 2018 the South Florida Gay News Camping Survey placed Freedom Valley FIRST in having the Best Appearance, Best Accommodations and Best Community. We are grateful and blessed to have such caring campers. Thank you for being part of our family and for helping us accomplish this phenomenal goal. Click here to read the complete article.

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