August 2 — 3

Arktos Bear Weekend

Join the Arktos Bears of North East Ohio for their annual bear weekend!

August 9 — 10

Kilt Weekend

Freedom Valley celebrates our annual kilt weekend with a special event, Kilted Dance Party, hosted by Mr. Akron Leather, Carleton Nash

August 16 — 17

CLAW Leather Weekend

CLAW invades once again for their leather weekend featuring speed dating and fundraisers to benefit a national leather charity!

August 16 — 17

Welcome MTTC

Freedom Valley is proud to welcome the members of Male Tent and Trailer Camping group!

August 17 — 17

Free HIV Testing (10 am - 3 pm)

Know your status. Get tested for free! Huron County Public Health will be on site from 10 am - 3 pm providing confidential HIV testing along with information about PrEP. Campers with health insurance can also be vaccinated against Hepatitis A.

August 23 — 23

The Mister E. Machine Tour

A queer campfire cabaret staring Manny Petty and Vallery Dolls. Check out their You Tube video!

August 23 — 24

Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef hosted by Louise DeSqueeze and Charlene Goldstein!

August 29 — September 2

Labor Day

Thursday: Underwear shot party
Friday: Boots and vest western night, shot parties
Saturday: Potluck BBQ at noon, live DJ, poolside cocktail party, kilted night and shot party
Sunday: Lingerie breakfast and the 12th annual F.V. Follies
Monday: Pool day and recovery

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